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Candles are so, so popular, and you really cannot go wrong with candle wedding favours.

Candles are a timeless classic, and available in all sorts of containers, from our stunning tins to coloured glass containers or even a bespoke cup and saucer, the options are endless.

Personalised for you:

Colour & Container

Every wedding couple are different so we know that not everyone will want the same container.

At the Outrageous Peacock we offer a selection of glass containers, Jars and even tea cups for your favours. 

We even have a the option for a bespoke service where we can have the candle container coloured for you.

Specialised gift boxes can also be created for your wedding party as thank you gifts or even as gifts for parents or special guests at your wedding.


Your fragrance will probably be the easiest choice for your wedding as we all have our favourite.

But if you do need inspiration we currently have 21 different fragrances to choose from with the option for lots more fragrances from your favourite fruit to your favourite perfume.

Our team are here to help you create the perfect fragrance for any couple.


As we know packaging is everything.

Your favours and wedding gifts can be packaged and wrapped in our signature eco friendly wrapping, but if you prefer to create a more bespoke look for your wedding we are happy to match to your wedding colours or stationary.


Special labelling  and printed ribbon is also available as a perfect finish to the presentation of your favours or gifts. 

Whether you’re looking for a special personalised gift for a member of your wedding party, or to lavish every guest on their reception table place setting, there’s something for everyone and every taste at The Outrageous Peacock.

Our candle wedding favours are sure to delight your wedding guests and beautify your wedding venue.

For that extra-special present, our fragrance or bath gift boxes make truly wonderful thank-you gifts.

We can create from our collections or for a more personal option something totally unique to you.

naturally simple

The Outrageous Peacock creates hand poured, small batch, eco-friendly, vegan soy wax candles.

Hand poured in Lancashire where we work hard to ensure that you get the best, and biggest fragrance distribution possible on all our products.  Our candles give off their amazing fragrance right until the bottom of the jar. 

We ethically source our soy wax, allowing us to be good to the environment by being completely carbon neutral.

Applying the same ethos to our packaging, where we can use recyclable, reusable packaging we will.  It's important to us, and to you.

We are proud to create fragrances that invigorate and uplift you or send you to sleep at night. The Outrageous Peacocks fragrances may transport you to a memory, a holiday, or a walk in the woods.  A place to feel the wind in your hair, or find a quiet place just for you.

We believe fragrance should be a joy to smell and fill the room with elegant notes that are so evocative they transport you to a forgotten past, a cherished memory, or an adventure you are yet to take.

Our work room is in Lancashire where we handmake all our candles, wax melts and room fragrances. 


We can ship out to anywhere in the UK by a special carrier.

Once you have booked with us we can then begin the process of creation for you. 

Whilst we can create from stock in a relatively quick turnaround, orders that include colour matching and specialist container colouring will take longer to process.

We advise that starting to create bespoke items should be about 6 months before the wedding. 

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We believe fragrance should be a joy to smell, and fill the room with elegant notes that are so evocative they transport you to a forgotten past, a cherished memory, or on an adventure you are yet to take.


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