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Wax Melts.


Our wax melts are highly fragranced pieces of wax shaped into Bon Bon's for ease of use. If you are looking for a scent

rush or nearly instant boost of fragrance then we would suggest using our wax melts to get the best ambience in the quickest amount of time.


We suggest that you start with one wax melt in your burner and increase depending on the volume of fragrance you would like in the room.

It is wise to use only unscented t-lights with scented wax products.

Container candles.


Our large and medium candles are hand-poured into our luxury glass containers whilst our travel candles are created in tins for ease of transport.  They are all reusable and suitable for re-filling with anything that you wish not just wax.


Glass or container candles develop over several hours to their most fragrant. This means that to create a room ambience you would need to light your candles at least one hour before your friends arrive to create the best effect. We would recommend that on the first burn of a candle you allow the wax to melt across the total width of the container before blowing out. This can take from 2 to 3 hours to achieve.

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If you are using candles from our Peacock Garden range these candles have been specially created to work alongside our handmade bath products and again we would recommend lighting your candle one or two hours before your bath time experience. The same would apply if you are using one of our peacock garden candles to aid sleep. Or to create a room ambient for a relaxing sleep.

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Room fragrance diffuser.


Our diffusers are created to give you a more permeant fragrance to your home. We use only the finest fragrance and natural eco-friendly reeds in our diffusers. Our stoppers are made from wood and natural cork, both ethically sourced and compostable materials.


To create an ambient fragrance with our diffusers we advise starting with 4 or 5 reeds in the bottle increasing if you require a higher fragrance.

A diffuser can last for 3 to 6 months depending on the temperature of the room that it is placed in. A warmer room will evaporate your fragrance faster than a cooler one. To give an instant boost we recommend that you turn the reeds as required. If you require a full-on fragrance experience then you can use all the reeds from the beginning of use.

Mix and Match.


Our fragrances have been chosen to mix and match with each other and compliment your home as you move from room to room.

So for example if you prefer a more fragrant smell downstairs and something similar but a little less fragrant upstairs we have matched fragrances that work well together to create the perfect match for you. 


To find out which fragrances work together please check the product profile of your fragrant favourite.


We are currently working on expanding our bathroom experience range to also include a range of exciting bath bombs and soaps that also coordinate across our range of room fragrance products.

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Our Mission Statement

We are a close modern family and are building a business we can hand down to our daughter. A business that she can be proud of.

We are proud to build an ethical, inclusive, sustainable brand that we can be proud of.

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