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Our packaging is recyclable, reusable and plastic-free where possible.

We decided at the beginning to be a business as eco-credible as we could be, so our products are vegan, all of our ingredients are ethically and where possible, locally sourced. We don't use any plastic in our packaging unless we are recycling packaging from our suppliers.

Applying the same ethos to our ingredients we ethically source our soy wax, allowing us to be good to the environment by being as carbon-neutral as possible. Petals, flowers, fruits and buds are all-natural, biodegradable and grown in the UK.

It's important to us and to you, we can all do a little bit to help the planet.

All of our glass candle containers come with a free envelope of wildflower seeds to encourage our customers to recycle our packaging as plant pots. Growing pretty flowers for the birds and bees.

We offer a recycle, refill and reuse option to our customers.

All our tin and glass candle holders and diffuser bottles can be reused.


Just pop them back to us either in the post or in person and we will refill the container for you when we next produce a batch of your preferred fragrance.


This refill service is discounted from the original price as you do not have to pay for another container, you are re-using your original one. When we refill a diffuser we also offer new reeds for no extra charge as a thank you for recycling with us.

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Our ethos.
we are kind to the environment, and our community 
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We are proud to build an ethical, inclusive, sustainable brand that we can be proud of.


We are a close modern family and are building a business we can hand down to our daughter. A business that she can be proud of.



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