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Natural Bath Bombs That Are Kind To You Skin.


Natural bath bombs are great for enhancing relaxation, as they are made with 100% natural, pure essential oils, organic, vegan and cruelty free ingredients that are gentle and kind to skin and create a wonderful at-home spa experience. 


Each Bomb is made entirely by hand, pressed rolled, dipped, sprinkled and piped to make sure each one is a s lovely as the last.


Did you know that baths have been proven to lift your move, combat skin conditions, help with muscle pain, help you sleep better, reduce cold symptoms, and calm arthritic pain?


Drop your bathbomb in to a bath of warm water and watch as it fizzes, releasing its perfume and essential oils, while the Bicarbonate of Soda softens the water.


Our bath bombs are also created with dried flowers, petals and seeds.
Please ensure you rinse the bath after use to prevent any accidental staining.


Nectar For The Bees is a perfect match for our Sweet Honey home fragrance from The Peacocks Garden Collection.

Nectar For The Bees Handmade Bath Bomb - Sold Individually


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